Sampson and Ebony

Sampson and Ebony are a very wonderful and a very bonded pair of  7 years olds.  They must stay together, they have always been together and love each other so much.  Please consider opening up your heart and home to these two sweeties. They may look like an unlikely couple but they truly love each other. They’re like husband and wife and Ebony is a little bit of a nag but Sampson is fine with it and lets her have her way. She gets all the toys and that’s okay, and they both want to jump on your lap and if Sampson lands on top of her, she’s okay with that 🙂 They are actually very easy to handle together on a walk, they’re very well behaved. These two are such a cute couple, you really can’t help be fall in love. They are still young and both very healthy, they deserve to be in a home…together.

Sampson and Ebony are available to a foster home or sponsorship*